I’m nervous.  

It is totally normal for you to be nervous before your session.  Everyone feels this way. It does help that we have a pre-shoot consultation, so you have a chance to get familiar with the studio and meet me in person, which helps with the unknown.  Remember it’s your job to enjoy the experience. It’s up to me and my team to create the beautiful images.

I don’t know how to be sexy.

You don’t need to. That’s my job, not yours.  You just need to show up and follow my easy directions. I pose every bit of you from your toes to your fingertips.

What about hair and make up?

Professional hair and make up is included in all my female shoots, and it is done in studio, so you just need to show up and me and my team with do the rest!  Read about why I provide hair and make up here

I don’t know what to wear.

I will provide you in advance with a guide to prepare outfits, and if you really want to go the extra mile I can connect you with a local wardrobe stylist.

Who is in the shoot with me?

When it’s time to shoot, you will be in there with just me and an assistant. That’s it.  My studio space is in a busy building with lots of other artists, but you never have to be worried about anyone walking in, or having anyone else there. It’s private.

Everyone on your site is beautiful, I’m not a model, how can I do this kind of shoot?

Ummm.  Everyone on my site IS beautiful, but also not models.  And every one of them said the same thing before their shoot!  Take a look at the transformations that professional hair and make up, posing and direction and professional lighting and retouching can do.

Do you edit my photos?

I feel it is important to show you your beauty as you are, but yes, I do edit your photos.  I don’t do extreme “instagram” style editing. We are going for classic intimate portraiture. But, if there is anything  you want to chat about minimizing, just let me know.

Will you post my photos?

I will ONLY share your images if you tell me I can (and sign an image release agreement). We can also just select one that is OK to share and the rest are 100% private for you.

Can I bring a friend?

The in-person consultation is to make sure you feel comfortable and safe with me in my space (with makeup artist and assistant) but the friend tag-along never helps the photos. Usually the opposite.

Do I have to get naked?

Of course not. Your photos don’t even have to be revealing. It’s completely up to you.

Any other questions? Feel free to reach out.