Kevin James Thornton

(Kevin is currently accepting submissions for music video. Contact him.)

Kevin James Thornton is a filmmaker based in Nashville, TN. Currently he is in preproduction for his first feature length “How To Get From Here To There”

Kevin has been on a very long road. Around the turn of the century, he banded together with a couple of other guys and toured the country relentlessly in a minivan. After a series of industry near misses, his band finally landed one of the last old school record deals around 2007—right as iTunes and Napster were transforming the music industry. It all crashed and burned “Behind The Music” style.

Unsure what to do next, he took a job performing on a cruise ship. “The job itself was a little cheesy,” tells Kevin, “but the travel was incredible. I went to 20 different countries.” During his months on the ship, Kevin went to several countries in South America, including a month-long journey down the Amazon River. “Something changed in me on the Amazon. I guess you could say I found myself.”

After his life aboard a ship was over, Kevin moved to Los Angeles to experiment with stand up comedy. He won “New Faces” at The Comedy Store in Los Angeles. After a year of performing in clubs in LA, Kevin decided traditional stand up wasn’t really his thing and began writing long-form storytelling pieces. He combined this with his original music and started touring full-time to Fringe Festivals across the country. His one man show “Stairway to Kevin” played to sold out audiences nationwide.

In 2013, after years on the Fringe Festival circuit he decided to make some life changes. He wrote a “happiness manifesto” called “Happiness for Aholes” and once again grew roots in Nashville. There he began to record roots-music again under the moniker “Indiana Queen.” He paired the music with homoerotic imagery in a handful of viral videos. His video “I Don’t Know What To Do” has been viewed over 100k times and featured in Cosmopolitan, Huffington Post, The Advocate and more. In 2015, Indiana Queen headlined Nashville Pride and Kentuckiana Pride.

Currently, Kevin is working on a feature length film and soundtrack to be released in 2018.

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