About Me

I was editing home movies with 2 VCRs in the 80s. I always had a camera in my hands, making experimental art films or music videos for my friend’s bands. Today I’m available for portraiture and cinematic projects. I can capture moments in your life that you’d like to document, create stunning boudoir imagery for you alone or with your partner, or create cinematic content for your brand or business. I’m not a cookie-cutter for-hire photographer. I’ll use my unique perspective to get next-level results. Not for the status quo.

Last year, I sold my first feature film, “How To Get From Here To There” to TLA Releasing and recently, I signed an exclusive deal with Dekkoo Films for my new series Stranger Hearts slated for an Amazon Prime 2020 release.

I’m in preproduction for a second season of “Stranger Hearts” as well as a dark thriller feature “Monday, Midnight.”

Thomette Productions